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2 Challenges for 2020

 Jo Anne Powell, Challenge Chair

We challenge you with something old and something new as we build on successes in the past and look forward to a new decade.

“Go Fish” is the theme for a 12” x 12” quilt. Remember the card game? Will your quilt feature children playing? Or will your 12“ x 12“ panel have flowing lines in monochromatic blue & aqua hues? Maybe marine life? A delicious meal? Will your quilt be amusing? Or have a serious message? Will it hang in your house? Or will you donate it to the auction? Decisions, decisions. We have 11 months to plan, but it takes just two days to complete this small quilt!

“Carry On!” Use everything in your quilter’s bag of tricks to create a tote bag, backpack, wine bag and/or purse with a maximum size of 33” for length, width & depth combined (not including handles or straps, which may be tucked in the bag for display, if needed). Shoppers are increasingly encouraged to bring their own bags to stores as we become more aware of the vast quantities of plastic in our oceans & landfills and the resulting injury to fish & animals, so Go Green in 2020.

If during the next year, you watch a quilt show on television, read a quilt magazine article, receive a quilt book, view a monthly NQG program, attend a workshop, or even buy a panel to re-purpose — try out that idea in our quick & easy format. Put it in the 2020 Challenge exhibit, then keep it, gift it, or donate it to the 2020 auction to benefit Bosom Buddies.

A sleeve is not required, but be sure your name & phone number is on the back of the quilt and inside the quilted bag. There is no restriction on the number of items in either category, if we have space to display them all. If you want your challenge item(s) to be judged, fill out the registration form in January 2020. All challenge items should be brought 15 minutes early to the February 2020 meeting for display and membership voting. Those quilted bags to be judged will be taken home by the quilters and submitted at quilt-drop-off. Those quilts not being judged will be taken by the Challenge Chair to be hung at the NQG Quilt Show. Please do not remove your quilt before take-down! If you cannot stay till the end, the chair will deliver it to you at the next meeting.

Let’s get thinking….

Jo Anne Powell